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I want to tell the viewer a story and share my experience with them. In the translation from nature to canvas, I seek to discover nature's truth and give life to a painted image by understanding the rhythms and pulses behind the appearances and the best is the feeling of being an integral part of it all. I am most successful with a painting, if I can evoke an emotional response in the viewer. 

​​To Connect with nature is to live a full life

 Commissioned Horse and Dog Portraits


Kruger Park Lion

There is energy in nature that is a never ending source of inspiration for me, it is my greatest influence. I try to translate that energy, that feeling onto my canvas, giving homage to the bounty before me. I enjoy painting  animals and landscape on location as well as in my studio. Working  from sketches, photographs, impression and imagination.

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The Howland Cultural Center

477 Main Street 

​Beacon, N.Y.

Members art show opening Saturday, April 8th from 3 -5 pm will show through April 30th

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