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​​​​Bea Gustafson Wildlife Artist and Animal Advocate

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 I am a  wildlife oil painter and animal advocate.  Self taught with some formal education in the classics. As an artist the beauty of the natural world is absolutely irresistible. Painting wild animals in their natural environment offers an opportunity to escape this shrinking congested world, at least for now… But habitat loss threatens most of these animals so supporting conservation is at the core of my work.

I have always loved nature. My passion for animals, with an appreciation for flowers and landscapes, defines my calling. Some of my first animal drawings and paintings were of horses. I was absolutely taken by their gracefulness and strength and felt the need to express that on canvas.  I now paint a wide range of subjects, mostly all endangered. ….giving voice to their plight by donating a portion of sales to wildlife causes, also I have been fortunate to sell some  paintings, therefore, being able to contribute to rescue sanctuaries.

Although wild horses are one of my favorites…… well as the big Cats, Chimpanzees, Elephants, Bears, I love painting them all!!

  Art is a way to express my passion for wildlife and to communicate the desperate need to protect the natural world.